Tuesday, August 28, 2012


day and night
you are spending your time
just to make sure
we are alright everytime

work in,work out
sweat strimming down
blood came out
just to prove you love us

words cant describe
how grateful I am
to have a man like you
for the rest of my life

no one can defeat you
for being concern
no one can beat you
for being a gentleman

you are able to do everything to provide our needs
I am willing to to show you how thankful I am to have my needs
I love you dad!
The most handsome guy I’d ever had

Writer: Andrea Isahbel "sophie" Olivar


“Mommy” is what I call you
I am proud to have you
Every single day you care for me
And that whats makes me really happy

You are my teacher
My guardian
My maid
And my everything

Mom,I am so sorry
Because I am not thanking you daily
Mom,youre so wonderful
An I am so grateful

Don’t worry
I care for you
My hugs and kisses
Can really pay you

Everybody knows you love me
Everybody knows I love you too
Mommy.i salute you !
My inspiration,I am very proud of you !

Author: Andrea Isahbel "sophie" Olivar


You came into my life
And that’s what I like
You stand as my sister
And acts as my mother

We shared happiness together
and being happy like forever
everyone thinks we’re crazy
but we know we are a strong lady

I am ver y thankful to have you
And I wish you feel that too
Everyday I think about you
And I know you think of me too

As we grow older
Our memories will stay longer
And as the times go by
We’ll figure out why ?

You will be always in my heart
And I know that is right
We’ll always be together
I promise we’ll be bestfriends forever

Author: Andrea Isahbel "sophie" Olivar